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The Modern Man’s Guide to Jewelry

Direct and uncomplicated—that’s our design ethos for men’s jewelry. Our

 new collection expresses an easy elegance, the result of unequaled

 craftsmanship and the finest materials.


I.D. Bracelet

I.D. bracelets originated as part of the serviceman’s uniform

 during WWII. Eventually, fashion borrowed the accessory,

 transforming it from a practical item to a prized sartorial object.

 Today, I.D. bracelets remain a meaningful canvas for modern

 personalization. They hold history and memories and only get

 better when marked by time. Tiffany I.D. bracelets are crafted

 with attention to every detail: chain style, weight, metal finish and

 even the contour of the plate against your wrist. Engrave a

 monogram or special date for a modern heirloom in the making.

 The only rule: I.D. bracelets are classically worn on your dominant

 hand, opposite your watch hand, to create balance.


I.D. Tag Necklace

I.D. tags, known as “dog tags” in army parlance, were a practical military accessory that fashion later adopted as a form of identity and self-expression. I.D. tag necklaces exude a laid-back confidence, effortlessly at home with a white t-shirt or hidden underneath a button-down. collection of I.D. tag pendants celebrates the character achieved when accessories are expertly crafted. These new I.D. tags feature the  Makers stamp, a hallmark of this collection that identifies the artisans at work. These subtle, unexpected nuances add to the jewelry’s individuality, giving it a look and a feel like you’ve had it forever. 

Diamond Point Cuff

If you’re new to wearing jewelry, cuffs make a great first accessory. Worn on the wrist opposite your watch hand, they accent your look without commanding attention. They can relax a suit or give your casual attire fresh verve. Our Diamond Point collection is distinguished by an angular, tactile pattern, which elevates everyday objects and accessories. Find a Tiffany cuff that channels your personality and feels right at home on your wrist.



Signet Ring

Historically, signet rings have displayed family crests and monograms, and doubled as a seal for correspondence. Men often wore them on the pinky or ring finger. Today’s signet rings still act as a modern signature and are proudly passed between generations. Showcase your own personal engraving on the flat surface, from your initials (or those of someone special) to symbols and dates. Though the pinky finger is traditional, today’s new rules say your signet ring belongs on any finger.

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